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When we read successful story and hear motivation speech, we do some mistake so perhaps our goal may not achieve. I have tried to explain it simply. We also try to understand the golden rules of success.

Today we all know that the word of success become more popular. Any one who is businessmen, student, leader of any party want to succeed and want to getting top most place of his desire field. Some Parents already dream of seeing their children as a future successful person. But the meaning of the word success is so deep that if we make a small mistake in knowing them, we have a feeling of failure even if we are successful.

What do we forget about success ?

The emperors of great eloquence give great speeches upon successful story and by listening to it, it seems as if the audience heard and would get the highest peak of success !!

I want to ask a question, is it possible that the rules of success through which someone has got success are the same for everyone ? and the procedure’ ll also same.

And it is very simple only hearing the speech no one get success, but he should do great efforts to achieve his goal. Some student hear and hear various inspiration lecture but not doing any thing at last become frustrated for his life. Because they regret not to do anything. In fact i arge them at least start something and pay all your attention on it. Definitely they may achieve something.

Definitely great inspiration would get by reading about success and hear about success. But I believe in imitating them is not right. We also see that such imitators return empty handed. The main reason of this is that the position and ability are so different of every people.

Method of thinking, like-dislike, basic history also play vital part of getting success. For example Newton was a great scientist. Some one tell the inspiring story about him.

After hearing that story a person decide to be scientist, however he has good qualities of business or other entrepreneur. If they try to get success on such direction it would be more convenient for him.

Achievement of every step is the part of success.

Success is success. It may be in any direction and perhaps little or big. Yes it is not possible that every programmer became as Bill Gates. But yes they should do dedicated efforts and put goal against his eyes.

Perhaps, If we impose this success on him and he would not able to achieve. Then there will be despair in his life and it is possible that the man may suffer from mental illness. It is not merely discuss but we see many example about this.

It is foolish to push success in such a way. However success is very wide word. Success depends on our every efforts. we should celebrate and experience amazing happiness after a bit of success not only at last stage and And proceed to the next step.

This type of celebration gives us a lot of inspiration. And if we fail in the next step then we are not disappointed because we believe that we have got the first step of success and we will achieve it in future also.

Every success has last stage from where failure would start.

In the final phase, all these types of processes will be useful for us. Because you and I don’t know the hard truth when the last stage of success will come.

Someone will work hard and achieve success, then work hard for another step. In this time also he will be able to achieve success. In this way, he will keep trying and keep getting success. But one day his success will stop.

If he is not satisfied with the ultimate success, he will be one of the most disappointed person in the world. He will not be able to show his disappointment because the grand past is hidden with him.

If he has the habit of this type of celebration of each stage, he can give up the next ambition and be happy the rest of his life. He will also help to other people, works of charity that are given back to the society. In this way, this rule is very important in success.

What statement of all successful people will be useful especially for you?

when a person become success, people follow him and believe all the rules which is stated by him. It is not always true. Because sometime it is possible that he would have got special chance for success. And the other failure has unique idea but the situation is odd for him and he could not get success. So what should we do ? We should take inspiration from his statement, but we should not hold him in the same line of stone. However some rules are common to all and some special tricks are different. Our strategy should be unique and not to imitate them at all.
Now we would describe some globally rules for success that provide us the gimps of success.

Rule No #1 Hard work is brick of success building.

Without hard work no one can get success. And if rather he would get it, he would not get so joy of success. In fact, success is the result of hard work. You have to make two choices. There is laziness and spend the whole life in insufficient, poverty and despair. And the other is mixed with hard work but it makes you a donor, not a debtor.Right choice is on your hand.

Rule No #2 Don’t be afraid of failure because it may be trailer of success.

We all are not magician. And the success is not ready made item and its model is not exactly same. Changing situation, our wrong decision, natural obstacles and many other thing effect on achieving success. Suppose you start business but the circumstance change and you would get loss. In this time you have to pay attention on your plan and changing the system. It is the procedure of success. so assuming that failure come certainly. Good planner is that who keep ready him self to face failure too. So some firm make pre plan of failure in advance.

Rule No #3 Don’t stop to do efforts, It is possible that it’ll last efforts.

Suppose you are connected with a plan And also doing efforts to achieve successfully. But you got failure. You would try again and again. At last you would give up your efforts. But here it is possible that the effort which you give up was last. We all don’t know which is the last efforts to open the success door.

Rule No #4 Celebrate your each step of success.

Every one want to succeed in his life but why ? This question is very important. I’ll also write another articles for this subject. I and we specially don’t wish success, but want to be pleasure in our life. without pleasure success become only for shown to other. Beside this successful person has his own life for better living. so it is crucial that we should celebrate our each step. In this way we’ll get great motivation for next step and also increase self confidence too

Rule No #5 success is necessary, but not dishonest .

In present time it is very crucial that honesty should be obeyed in all process. During this material time, for getting more & more money in short time it is possible that some one choose the odd way of dishonesty. But beware, this is dangerous for our future and society too. This kind of people emerge bright in short time but, last time it’ll be dwelling him in disappointment and sorrow too

Rule No #6 Good relation is our capital so make a best group.

If you have more contact, you are familiar with more people then any business would be successful for you. Because your relation would help you in your progress of business and it’ll more convenient to achieve good growth. But the person having nature of loneliness would face many difficulties in progress. Beside this it is more helpful to us in our failure too. Consequence the best friend will be helpful in this critical time.

Rule No #7 Understand the value of time and make time table.

Rule No #8 keep your eyes and ear open to obtain knowledge.

Rule No #9 Read failure story too.

Rule No #10 Sociable nature and melodious voice is important in success

Rule No #11 Keep away from negative thinking people because they will demotivate you.

Rule No #12 self confidence and great faith of our work is necessary.

Rule No #13 Don’t be monic for success but love your work

Rule No #14 Remember your work is correct rest for you

Rule No #15 Last but very important and main base is that do yoga regularly

Enjoy in every step of success

Now we have to stop here because the list of success rules are endless and the articles will be so long.

But I again request to reader that first you have to make a decision to be success in life any circumstance.

Work hard, try and try… Nothing is impossible in life. I always emphasis on self awareness. Self awareness is not only useful in spiritual but every span of life. You can also learn about yoga, meditation and divine self in our yoga-studio section.

If you become self started and judge correctly in critical situation, no one can stop you to be success. Lake of enthusiasm and decision power lost many chance in our life. Successful persons always are ready to accept that chance and this nature make him successful.

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