Today, we all see that the method of getting knowledge is completely changing. In the past time any one read books or to be physical contact with the learned people for obtain knowledge. But now it is so easy. Each can get it with one click. All the world is absorbed in the small box or mobile. And getting nominal charge !!!

But some subject have to need direct guidance especially subject of experience. Yoga is emerging as very important subject today. People has hoped that yoga can solve his multiple problem regarding body as well as mind. Because we know that Routine life of the people has become very tedious and stressful. Over competition and constant comparison has made them runner.

They are losing the happiness and peace for getting more and more materials. It is very difficult nowadays to control the emotions such as anger, lust, fear, anxiety etc. The body has become fatty due to sitting for long time in front of the computer. But fortunately yoga has come as divine person. However, ancient Maharishi or sage knew that one day people will have to come to the shelter of yoga. Ancient system now has become fashion. However yoga’s best use is to know our divine self and inner joy. Breathing practice is also valuable step of yoga. Patajali yog sutra is the heart of yoga but very little people learn it and to be satisfy with the doing asan and simple “pranayam”.

So I decided to write a blog in the technic to awake spiritual power or energy in our self so that we can come out from these problems. Beside this success, joy and relation with other can also be improved by yoga and spirituality. I have also written about other yoga related subject like daily life, success, positive thinking etc. First One thing I want to say you that only provide information is not my aim. Because you can get easily from elsewhere. But we want information and experience too. My some topic will be so deep knowledge of yoga and yoga sutra but it is necessary because they encourage us to self awareness and divine energy.

My wishes is also that I start the yoga class (specially online yoga class) for direct guidance of meditation and getting constant joy in life to special Yogi or Yogini. Because when someone starts deep yoga, he want to need guidance for next step.

My name is Nilesh Trivedi. From my childhood, I have to face many difficulties in my life due to my weak physical condition. In spite of this situation I worked hard in education and became graduate and earn money too. But my right journey was started when I was very less age !! Name of this journey is Yoga and to achieve inner joy.

I read many books and to do thinking to obtain this goal. I used to meditate for a long time to get the pleasure of yoga and also studied the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads and other books. however, I had to suffer a lot to get all this.

But in this critical situation I feel so energized and pleasure of yoga. It is not surprising because my passion is yoga, my life is yoga and my all thought is for yoga !!! In fact my life is self inspiration to other. When you feel unhappy, think about what you have !! You feel unhappy because you are not gratitude with what you have.

It is also useful to awake our inner knowledge by yoga. Keep Point of view to all this I have started this blog to spread joy, success and other valuable information which is useful in our life for constant happiness. I have written all the matter in simple English and hindi.

Table of Contents

Aim of the blog

Our life is as journey. we should constant ahead like a stream of river. In present time we have to work and learn constantly to maintain our present stage. Nobody come with full of knowledge by birth, so constant learning is necessary. Today we feel that there are lot of way to obtain knowledge but internet is so powerful. we can collect information in single click. Thousand of people share theirs knowledge in internet and also learn too.

I also have given my contribution in this stream by blogging. But my goal is not just to spread the information but to experience happiness in life, to achieve success and in addition to that the divine consciousness within us should also be experienced properly. Sometimes in life there comes such a time that a man gets frustrated. He feels that from now on, this time will not come out well. But during this time, a motivational thing gets hurt in his mind and from that time his life completely changes. I hope It can be happen by my blog and some one can come out form his critical situation.

-Nilesh Trivedi

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