Introduction to yoga|yoga meaning

Here, We can strive to explain the basis of yoga by patanjali yoga sutra. This course is included two chapter of yoga sutra and reader could know the meaning of sutra in simple language.

Yoga is all top to bottom

We all know the fact that today most of the people knowing about yoga to do various type of exercise. Perhaps it may be prolonged to simple pranayam.

However, Asan can help us in fitness. Our body can be maintained healthy, strengthen and fit by this type of regular exercise. Pranayam help us in improving our respiratory system.

It will be also help us in remedy respiratory disease. Our body get full oxygen due to deep breathing. Doing pranayam regularly clog our body full of “Prana”.
Here “prana” means universal energy which remain in all over the world and universe too. Today scientists have also proven that the pranayam can useful remedy in disease treatment.

Patanjali yoga sutra is advance knowledge and self awareness

If we here write down all the benefit of yoga then list’ll become endless. But here I want to say something extra knowledge in Patajali Yog Shastra. Because you can read the list of benefit in else ware too. And it is very simple too.

But the basis of yoga is Patanjali yog sutra and Hatha yoga. Here we try to understand all the quotes in very simple language. This materials are given in as a course. we also learn it and get pleasure of “Quotes Chanting”.

By yoga sutra, amazing glad, we can experience

It will be really amazing. You can get more and more pleasure which you have not experienced in past. This is a full course. Doing this course you can easily ready to meditate and chanting yoga sutra’s two chapter.

Because both are important. If I accomplish with remaining two chapter the course will be so large. It may be some one boaring due to lengthy. So some one’ll boaring with it.

Any how, Both chapter is enough for getting full of energy and awaken our divine self. We many time hear about self awareness, procedure of it describe here. Beside this I have try to explain the various sutra’s meaning in very simple English. My mother tongue is Hindi so it is possible that the language of this course is so simple.

But never mind, I have done my best efforts to explain it to you. Completed this course you can easily know what is the secret of our divine self. How much sense(Indriya) does we have ? Description of type of mind and its work .

Yoga is the knowledge of beyond the physical and subtle body.

Second mind is subconscious which is secret of our future. A lot of psychologists say about this subconscious mind. But yoga science further describes the divine consciousness beyond the subtle body.

By getting this and realizing them, we will go beyond our sanskars which is accumulated by the past karm. It is our karma. This can completely change your life. I have engaged with this divine knowledge from very little age.

Reading many books and meditating long time, I reach to the conclusion that every thing remain in this yoga shastra. It is so esoteric(complex).

Yoga shastra has potential to make anyone divine. In fact it was composed for this aim. But its starting advantage impressed us more and so starting section has been more famous.

Yoga is amazing glad,as feeling like pleasure stream flowing to our mind

If we obey some basic rules, constant pleasure can be felt without using “Indriya”. Some time feeling of this amazing glad like a stream flow on our head. In this time we should close our eyes, inhale deeply and enjoy our divine self.

Devoid of external knowledge and experience inner joy. Nothing is more than yoga-joy. In comparison of sex, of eating sweet, of listening our best music and of all other thing which we like most, yoga-pleaure is much more.

In fact if you are really interested in yoga exercise, you should do this course because you can get more and wide knowledge of yoga. I definitely say that if you’ll experience ‘yoga-joy’ in little time you become eager to experience more and more. lets start. our topic list is as under.

Yoga course syllables

  1. yoga meaning ancient and today
  2. Who composed yoga ? Brief introduction of him
  3. Yoga is not only for liberation but it is vital part of it in our routine life
  4. Benefit of yoga
  5. Basic knowledge remain behind yoga Sutra. Explain about inner self, Jiv, Indriya etc.
  6. how can we enlightened.
  7. What is the reason of our bondage and remedy of it ?
  8. Various method for getting our inner self/divine self.
  9. Comparison of it in brief.
  10. Our simple meditation and deep breathing process.
  11. Starting Prayer
  12. Patanjali Yoga sutra Four chapter’s brief description
  13. “Sutra Gan” method explain and learn each sutra of two chapter
  14. Brief explanation will be given after two quote chanting.
  15. At last yoga healing programme will be arranged for you.
  16. Question and answer connect me in

In this way whole coure of Patanjali Yoga Sutra is full of intellectual knowledge. Every one should do this course for better, happy and successful life. When we understand and experience our divine self our routine life will become automatically happy and successful. Our manner will change completely and so many confliction in our relation will disappear. After this, We can easily understand others belief and life so favorable harmony will develop among one another. I want to prepare it in two language Hindi and English. All the topic has his own video

Yoga meaning ancient and today

Now lets.. start our yoga syllables. Yes yoga syllables give us full of knowledge as well as pleasure. There are two type of meaning and belief famous. The simple definition of yoga is join any two thing. This word derived from Sanskrit “Yuj”.

Here we connect our divine self by yoga. In our general life we connect only mind and its thoughts. Our mind clogs with constant thought good or bed. Beside this stress, anger, jealous, anxiety and bad thinking of lust also attack on our mind.

In fact we have three different type of body. First body is physical which can be seen by our real eyes. Second body is subtle ant it can not be seen by our eyes but its one element mind(“man“) disturb us very much.

And the third body is reason body. It consist with our subconscious mind. At last but very important part is our divine self means self awareness/self consciousness. Now ancient meaning of yoga is to experience our consciousness.

Many sage give up all the world to achieve his inner self energy and joy. perhaps you may feel that it is so hard. But It is choice of most valuable thing. suppose if some one give you 500 rupees and 5 rupees. What is your choice ?

Definitely You suddenly say that it is very simple question. Because 500 Rs. is more valuable then 5 Rs. In this way that people who called “Sanyasi” choice was inner self or divine self.

In this stage we get much more pleasure. when we start sadhana, we feel some difficulties like boring, laziness, sleeping and not wish doing “Sadhana” especially meditation and pranayam.

But when it become habitual it will more convenient and restful for our mind and body. During our course one thing which is very important and so I want to emphasis on it. That is regular yoga exercise. Yoga can be effective only the condition of continuous practice. In this way modern people belief about yoga is limited exercise and some type of meditation. And ancient people recognize it for path of liberation or enlightenment from bondage.

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